How to manually update the firmware Garmin Fenix 5 X

Sometimes, especially for new models of watches, I do not want to wait for the release of the official release of the new firmware. Especially if you know that the new firmware has already fixed problems that do not give you peace of mind in your watch.

What to do in this case?

Let’s try to update the firmware on your own and put the latest Beta version of the software.

And what is a Beta version?

In a nutshell – this is not the final version, but almost ready software that is not yet released to the market, but offers users to try corrections or changes before the official release.

This term is used by software developers. A detailed description can be found in Wikipedia .

First of all, I draw your attention that the installation of fresh firmware on a clock is an operation that you are doing at your own risk!

If you doubt and are not familiar with the technical features of the clock and work with the PC-better wait for a stable and official firmware version and update the clock automatically through the Garmin Express program installed on your PC .

And the manufacturer himself says: “Although this software is reliable, it has not yet been released for the production and should be used at your own risk.”

I translate: “Although this software is considered reliable, it is not yet released for production and it is possible to use it at your own risk.”


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Laptop repair service Toshiba: Toshiba service center Dubai

Toshiba service centerWelcome to the UAE Technician of Toshiba service center Dubai. Call at 0557503724

Toshiba is a Japanese company that produces electronic and portable equipment. It currently ranks fifth in the commercialization of laptops with just over 5% of global sales. In addition to laptops, Toshiba also markets desktops, servers, televisions, cameras, cell phones and other peripherals, as well as electronic microcomponents. Dial 0557503724 for best Toshiba service center Dubai for solution of any kind of laptop related issues.

Due to the great preference of users and companies towards this brand of laptops, our company, UAE Technician, located in Dubai, UAE, has proposed to offer the best and most effective Repair service to its computer products, either in the areas of repair and maintenance, or technical support. To perform these tasks, we have a specialized technical body, which is highly trained and qualified to solve all the problems that you may have with your notebooks, whether hardware or software.

Solve the problems related to the Toshiba laptop motherboard

We are able to solve the problems related to the Toshiba laptop motherboard, whether these are power, short circuits, DC connector replacement, fixed or wireless network, BIOS corruption or, for damaged microcomponents, such as graphics chips, which, by the constant heating to which they are subjected, they suffer from cracking in their welds, causing the laptop to stop working, needing then a good reballing.Toshiba service center Dubai

We also corrected the problems at the electronic level that may appear on the screens of the notebooks, recover the lost information from their hard drives and solve problems associated with bad sectors and malfunctioning thereof. In support of the electronic repair services of the Toshiba brand, we have a large stock of spare parts and parts, all 100% original, as well as the most modern and efficient work equipment. Accessories and chargers for laptops Toshiba in Dubai.

Within the Toshiba service center we offer our customers is:

Updating the drivers necessary for the proper functioning of your laptop, installation of the operating system of your choice, be it Windows, Linux or Mac OS X, in addition to the installation of the software that are required for your work with your Toshiba laptop.

All the technical services are carried out in our workshop, in order to find and provide a solution quickly and efficiently to your problems. We also offer home services for your Toshiba laptop, to save you the additional expenses in the transfer to our center, only charging when your problem is solved and never for the displacement made by the technician to your residence if the problem is not solved.

Our main objective is to provide you with the best care, as well as a highly trained technical service, in order to always obtain the best results in case of any problems that may arise to you and your family, and thus become your best Allied offering the best technical service of Toshiba laptops in Dubai.

By having the best attention with our customers, UAE Technician has reached a prestigious place in terms of services and technical support, highlighting the high commitment to its customers and providing at all times a Repair service of high professionalism and competitiveness, with the best rates, payment facilities and guarantees throughout Dubai.

We also offer Apple Macbook service in Dubai.

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UAE Technician Laptop screen replacement and repair Services in Dubai

Laptop screen replacementJust call us at 0557503724 Laptop screen replacement and repair Services in Dubai

When a laptop falls to the ground or suffers an accident and when you open it you realize that the screen has been broken, it is not very pleasant, especially if it is yours. The notebook screens are hardware parts very delicate that break easily. Accidents happen fortunately, you have found us and we will help you recover the operation of your laptop as quickly as possible, at a lower cost than what it would cost if you take it to the manufacturer. Call us 0557503724 and we will replace the split screen, damaged, broken or with lack of brightness in a fast and economic way. If you need to repair the laptop screen, UAE Technician laptop screen replacement and repair service is available in Dubai, UAE

How to know if the problem is on the screen or in the inverter?

Laptop screen replacementThe repair cost is quite different if the laptop screen is broken or if you just have to change the inverter. An easy test to see if the problem is the inverter, is to look at the screen to the light, usually the screen looks a little, as if the screen had no light, but you can really appreciate image on the screen. If so, subject resolved, you just have to change the inverter to solve the fault.

Otherwise, if the screen does not see anything, does not turn on, has vertical stripes (red, green or blue), is broken, has spilled or has spots or even some pixels fail, the problem is the screen.

Call us at 055 750 3724 or fill out our Website Contact Form

And we inform you about our computer service

The procedure to know what makes and model of screen uses our laptop, is dismantling the LCD of our equipment.

– How to disassemble the screen of your laptop? Call us at 0557503724 disassemble the screen of your laptop.

– How to locate the brand and the model? Contact us locate the manufacturer and model of LCD screen.

We pick up the laptop with the defective or defective screen in your home / office without cost of travel and we will return it once the repair of the laptop screen is done.

  • We repair all kinds of problems with laptop screens
  • Split or perforated screen
  • Liquid spill from the laptop screen
  • Spot or streaks on the screen (red, blue, etc.)
  • Screen with lack of brightness
  • Feedback problem
  • Problems with the inverter board
  • Lines on the screen, vertical stripes
  • Screens whitish or reddish
  • Screen completely black
  • Covers or screen protectors

We fix all kinds of problems regarding laptop screens and we guarantee it, 3 months in labor and the guarantee that the manufacturer of the screen estimates for the screen to be repaired.

Laptop screen replacement and repair for all brands of the market in Dubai.

Acer Screen Repair, Asus Screen Repair, Compaq Screen Repair, Dell Screen Repair, Fujitsu Screen Repair, HP Screen Repair, IBM Screen Repair, Lenovo Screen Repair, LG Screen Repair, Packard Bell Screen Repair, Samsung Screen Repair, Sony Vaio Screen Repair, Toshiba screen repair

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Laptop Screen Repair: DELL Laptop Screen Replacement Dubai, UAE

DELL Laptop Screen ReplacementCall us @ 0557503724 for DELL Laptop Screen Replacement Dubai, UAE

Specific solutions for your business to receive efficient technical support to best DELL Laptop Screen Replacement  Dubai that will allow you to continue your work without having to worry about any technical issues with your dell laptop and computer.

The computer repair we provide covers all kinds of failures or malfunctions: from the repair of computers and notebooks and their components (motherboard, hard disk, lcd screen, cooling system, etc.) to issues such as hard disk data recovery, resolution of various slowdowns, antivirus installation or complete and periodic checks of all PCs and devices in the company.

Our technicians are specialized in repairing any component on your computer. To receive more information call @ 0557503724 and email: with your request and we will be happy to answer you.

Laptop Screen repair: DELL Laptop Screen Replacement Dubai

Problem that may be due to liquid crystal breakage or a failure of the inverter, high-voltage electronic circuit that has the task of providing light to the Dell Laptop screen.

DELL Laptop Screen Replacement dubaiThe assistance on PCs and notebooks UAE Technician provide for this kind of damage will see the Lcd screen repair in case of liquid crystal breakage; or its replacement – that is, illumination – especially in the cases where the picture of the PC or notebook looks at the disturbed image, horizontal or vertical lines, or total absence of brightness.

In most of our operations, when there are cases of backlighting, the problem has been traced back to the inverter itself.

If you or your co-worker fined yourself facing these abnormalities on a PC or laptop screen please contact us and a laptop repair technician will be at your disposal ready to provide IT assistance and solve the problem by replacing the inverter or performing any other repair guy.

Be careful of do-it-yourself in these cases, because you might risk not identifying the problem well and acting on different points and elements by damaging the components involved.

Our notebook and PC business support involves several tests before diagnosis and especially post-intervention, to ensure that you continue your activities in the best possible way.

As a company, you cannot afford to stop suddenly, lose time and money. Trust in UAE Technician that can provide you with a steady guarantee of performance, thanks to effective repairs or replacements and in a timely manner.

Our Dell computer & laptop repair service is at your disposal, Contact us @ 0557503724 for a quote and / or request information.

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Recover data from memory card: Memory Card Data Recovery Dubai

Memory Card Data RecoveryJust Dial 0557503724 for Memory Card Data Recovery services Dubai

If you are looking for a way to recover data from a memory card or Memory Card Data Recovery, UAE Technician can help you! The technology behind you is a memory card and flash memory, which in terms of data recovery is not a simple matter. It is a mobile device that we can insert inside of photo camera cell phones

If you are looking for a way to recover data from a memory card or Memory Card Data Recovery, UAE Technician can help you!

A memory card is also referred to as a memory card, and it is a mobile device that we can insert into old-fashioned smart phones or cell phones such as expandable memory, cameras, portable PCs with special readers, and more. In general, these are mobile devices, versatile for small size, capable of storing discrete volumes of digital and non-digital files. The technology behind a memory card is flash memory, which, in terms of data recovery, is no easy matter.

The case today:

How to retrieve data from an unreadable memory card:

A customer, send us this request:

” Hello, I need to retrieve all the data I saved on the memory card inserted in my Nokia phone. I saved it all on the memory card as it was set on the phone, but now my card is no longer read by either Nokia or the player inside my laptop How can I get the data from the card? “

What happened to the memory card of our customer? The answers may be more than one, and before a diagnosis, we cannot improvise hypotheses.

Diagnosis for data recovery from the memory card has shown an electrical problem, probably caused by a voltage swing, which are particularly sensitive to mobile devices such as memory cards, which are often plugged in and deactivated in reading devices without any attention by the user. Depending on the use, there are various models of varying sizes, with specific technical features and different interfaces. Depending on the model, specific technical operations will start, but united with the flash technology that is at its core.

The specific case of today was one 8GB Kingston Memory Card, one of the most commonly used in both telephony and home cameras.

The flash technology of a memory card and the retrieval of data from flash memory

Memory Card Data RecoveryAs we said, memory cards are based on flash technology, which is a type of non-volatile solid state memory that, given the performance, can be used for reading and writing. The advantage of memory based on this technology is indeed the speed of performance.

When retrieving data from memory cards, the technical process is very complex because it is necessary to read and interpret each individual chip of the device’s electronic card; the most complex phase is certainly the one that involves the algorithm that is the basis of the technical operation of the memory, and which, when retrieving data from the memory card, is analyzed to understand how to write and read the files.

It is of paramount importance to have the skills and technical knowledge to be successful in recovering data from memory cards without exposing any data or device compromise.

Appropriate instruments are required to operate on memory cards, read-only tools created specifically to interpret the data stream contained in the memory card and to extract the data retrieved from it.

Main memory card manufacturers from which we can retrieve data:

  • Kingston
  • Sony
  • Sandisk
  • Samsung

We have just listed some of the major manufacturers who hold monopoly on memory card sales, but we can operate on any media and any other manufacturer!

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Virus and Malware Removal Service by UAE Technician

The possibility that a site made with a cms be hacked increases considerably when you do not periodically update or update the various plugins installed. Graphic themes can also have BUGs that once discovered they make a site vulnerable.

We can help you in removing malware and repairing it for quick times and returning your website to work as before

We solve: Let’s resume your site’s control, put it safely, and eliminate malicious content by restoring your content.

We monitor: We monitor the website, check the logs, and close the road to brute force attacks.

We migrate: If we migrate to a new server, with backup and logging services, we remove Google, Yahoo and Bing malware alerts to be re-indexed.


  1. Malware removal and repair: Written, hacked with a malware or virus? Removal of malware and repair for fast times to make your website go back to work as before.

It is critical to act quickly to prevent further damage.

  1. Do not lose money and visibility: Since the site is infected you will start losing visitors and whether it is a commercial business as well as money and credibility. Search engine placement will be losing position, google can identify a compromised site.
  2. A detailed report: We completely remove malicious code and malicious files left by hackers, reset your website, and send you a detailed report so you know how to prevent other intrusions.

We are ready to meet your demands

We evaluate, together with the customer, all the details to provide a complete and uncompromising tool. We study the graphics and we propose solutions to engage the public of the Web. So feel free to contact us for any kind of virus removal services in Dubai at very reasonable price.


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How to Replace the Notebook Hard Drive

Step-by-step guide to replacing the laptop’s hard disk

Many may seem strange, but the best way to upgrade your notebook is to buy an SSD drive and replace the old magnetic hard drive with a solid state . There are several reasons that push this choice. First of all, an SSD disk significantly improves the performance of the laptop , widening the existing technology bottle between hard disk and coupled RAM – CPUand allowing the data to travel more quickly. Second, replacing a hard drive is a simple and cost-effective operation: SSD prices are down sharply a few years ago and modular notebook design allows you to change the hard drive in minutes.

Before proceeding with the guide to updating the hard disk of the notebook , however, you must specify some steps to do before purchasing the SSD disk.

What to Check Before Purchasing SSD

First of all, it is necessary to verify that the operation is technically feasible at home. It is therefore necessary to check that there is an easily accessed cassette or bulkhead in the base of the notebook in which the hard disk is usually “stored”. The laptop’s hard drive, as well as the other replaceable components, are usually placed inside a compartment covered by a removable and sealed bulb (two or three at most): this facilitates teamwork of technical assistance, but makes housekeeping easier. If you have an ultrabook or there are no easily accessible rooms, you will need to consult the dismantling manual.

In the second step you will have to find a compatible SSD with the space available in the laptop compartment. Usually laptops mount 2.5-inch disks , but grows the number of manufacturers that adopt 1.8-inch models to further reduce notebook size. By spilling on the web you should easily find the technical specifications of the laptop, including the mounted HD format. Also check the compatibility with the hardware connectors mounted on the laptop PC: in the vast majority of cases it will have to do with an SATA interface, but no option can be ruled out. Also in this case, an online search can be of great help; Alternatively you can use the Advisor Tool made by Crucial (you need to know the notebook’s mounted hard disk model).

Preliminary operations

Before replacing the hard disk of the notebook with an SSD drive, there are still some things to do. First of all, you have to decide whether it is worth keeping the old operating system and all settings saved in it or starting up with a new installation. In the first case, you have to back up the system to create a disk image that can be installed on the new SSD; In the second case, however, you must obtain a copy of the operating system to be installed.

If you choose the first street , you will find instructions on how to proceed. If you choose the path to installing a new operating system you can go directly to the next point in the guide.

Backup the disk . If you are using Windows 8, you must log in to the Control Panel, and from the System and Security section , click “Save Backup Files of File History”. In the left menu select “Backup System Images” and follow the wizard. If you have Windows 7 in the System and Security section of the Control Panel you will have to choose the “Backup and Restore” option. To prevent the disc image from being too large, you may want to clean it by removing old files and programs that are no longer in use.

Initialize the SSD disk . You must format the SSD disk before installing the newly created system image . After connecting it to the notebook via USB using an external chassis, you will need to search with the Disk Management key and choose from the “Create and format hard disk partitions” results. If you browse the list, you will find the newly attached drive: if it is “Not Initialized”, right-click and initialize the drive. After this step, you can format the disk with NTFS file system

Clone the disk . After formatting, you can clone the contents of the old disk onto the new SSD drive . To do this you install software such as Acronis True Image or EaseUS Disk Copy : both very simple and intuitive to use, provide the user with a wizard that “will accompany” step by step in the process of transferring files from a hard disk all ‘other

How to Replace the Laptop Hard Drive

After turning off the computer and unplugging any power supply (both corded and battery-powered), you can look for the hard drive compartment and remove the screws that secure the security cover to the desktop PC.

After removing it you will have free access to the hard drive bay.

Locate all the screws that secure the hard drive inside the compartment and remove them all to avoid damaging the laptop computer. At this point you can extract the disc from its “natural” accommodation. Two possible ways: if the hard drive is mounted on a “sledge”, you will have to pull the disc backwards and then lift it up; in case of reduced space, you must lift the hard drive by 30 or 45 degrees and then pull it backwards.

To mount the SSD disk, do the reverse procedure: first, the disk must be mounted inside the housing and then place all “safety” screws.

Start your laptop PC

Attach the SSD disk and notebook lid, you may want to turn on the computer. If there are no errors, the system should restart normally and all the previously installed programs should be found again.

If you decided to follow the second road, this is the time to install the operating system from the beginning. After inserting the disc into the DVD player, you can format the newly installed SSD and install a new copy of Windows.

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iPhone 5s screen breaks Repair Services in Dubai

What would you do if you dropped the iPhone 5s and cracked on the screen?

Recently there are more people who have iPhone 5s, so many parts are also on the market.

However, it is a very dangerous act to try to fix it by you easily. Because even the replacement of the front panel, which seems very easy, may cause the iPhone itself to generate errors if you mistakenly assemble it a bit. Especially since iPhone 5s is set finely, we recommend that you send it to a specialized iPhone repair shop.

If you ask the iPhone repair shop, you do not bother to  repair it without having to contact the cell phone company etc.  Also the price for repair depends on the store. We recommend you to compare how many shops and there prices of iPhone repair in Dubai.

Especially if you repair the iPhone 5s it’s better to try it in Dubai

First of all UAE Technician team will do the initial examine of your iPhone 5s screen before repairing and will provide you’re the best quotation price.

Let’s grasp the state of damage

We think that we will check if  we can operate immediately if you need to drop it.

If the LCD screen is visible and operation is possible,

it is considered that it is still corrupt only front panel.

In that case it will be less affected in the data etc. inside.

However, if the screen does not appear or strange wires are stuck in the length and breadth,

the LCD screen under the front panel has been damaged.

Let’s remember that the price will change accordingly if it required as per the condition of your iPhone 5s screen.



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Get best services for IPAD REPAIR

ipad repairCall us @ 0557503724 for best IPAD REPAIR services in Dubai

We are providing repair services for all parts of IPAD REPAIR in Dubai. Repair or change of touch screen, lcd screen, charging connector, speakers, battery, power button, etc. We have more than 10 years of experience in the field. The used spare parts are original and our repairs guaranteed.

IPAD SCREEN Replacement:

Ipad is an electronic tablet type device designed by incorporating Apple, this means that it assumes the function of a laptop where we can interact through a touch screen or multi-touch, allowing this to the users the use of pen stylus or fingers. It is in an intermediate category between the smart phone, also known as smart puts and the laptop. It has a much more impressive screen with a retro LED lighting and other features that make it a rather delicate device which should be careful of any drop or blow to keep it and not change iPad screen.

IPad are the evolution of iPods, this means that they are also multimedia players such as audio, image, and video. Through its development, Apple was responsible for designing them much larger but just as thin with respect to thickness, and besides this also gave them an internet connection and a unique operating system to generate the same function as an ultra light laptop.

Many Apple products use LCD liquid crystal displays as is the case for iPad. This LCD technology works with rows and columns of dots with direction, known as pixels, these are the ones that represent texts and images on the screen. Occasionally it happens that a transitor is not working perfectly and this causes a subpixel to remain turned off dark, or activated very bright. There are other cases where for example a small particle of dust or other foreign material presents an irregularity and is trapped inside the screen of this device.

The bumps and falls, main causes to repair iPad screen. If your device has any of these characteristics, take your product with and we will perform a thorough examination to find the problem related to your ipad repair and apply the solution right away and at a very adjustable price in your pocket.

Among our iPad repair services we have:

  • The service of repairing iPad, screen, camera, touch, etc.
  • Home button repair and LCD screen.
  • We changed the battery.
  • We repair the volume buttons.
  • UAE Technician repair the rear camera and the front camera.
  • We repair the faults on the speaker and the headset.
  • We repair the power button.
  • The charging connector.
  • The microphone of the device.
  • We changed the LCD screen.

Our store is located in Dubai, UAE and we have more than 10 years of experience that allow us to repair any type of damage on your iPad, we work with original spare parts and our works, besides being carried out fast, are totally guaranteed.

Among the iPad models we work with are:

The iPad Pro 9.7: This model with 9.7 inches, a fairly logical 12MP rear camera and 5MP front, Wi-Fi, Bluetooh 4.0, nano sim, 2GB Ram, GB capacity between 32 and 256 among others characteristics already known.

iPad Pro 12.9: Features a 12.9-inch diagonal multi-touch retina display backlit by LED. A True Tone and full-screen display, a resolution of 2732 × 2048 at 264 pixels per inch, 12MG camera, LED flash, panoramic photos up to 63MP, among other features and an integrated stand for viewing, listening, reading, writing, etc. .

The iPad mini 4: It has a screen smaller than 7.9 inches, a resolution of 2048 × 1536 pixels, 2GB of RAM, memory from 16GB to 128GB non-expandable, iOS 9 software, 8MP camera, Wi-Fi, etc. The most notable improvements in this device are found in the processor.

iPad mini 3: 7.9-inch display, 1GB RAM, 10 hours battery, 5MP camera, A7 processor, 7.5 millimeters thick, resolution of 2048 × 1536 pixels, among others.

iPad mini 2: This iOS tablet with a medium processor of 1.3 Ghz that allows very well the functions of Apple. It weighs 331 grams, its design is classic / Bar, 1GB of RAM, 5MP camera and many features similar to the iPad 2 mini model.

iPad mini: 7.9-inch diagonal multi-touch display with IPS technology, anti-fingerprint cover, Wi-Fi and cellular technology, rated between white and silver and black graphite, capacity from 16GB to 64GB, 1,024x 768 to 163 pixels per inch. 5MP camera and HD video recording among others.

iPad Air and iPad Air 2: At the level of features are very few news, all the renovation is practically in the processor and in the camera.

And the iPad 1, 2.3 and 4. The first version of these devices was presented on the market on January 27, 2010, was presented in two versions, the version that had Wi-Fi and a weight of 680 grams and the Wi-Fi version of 3rd generation only for data with a weight of 730 grams. Each of these first two models are presented in black only and have a memory from 16GB to 32GB.

What is an iPad for?

With one of these devices we can take pictures of very good quality and videos too, we can listen to music and surf the internet just like on a computer but with a dual core microprocessor that has its own iOS mobile operating system. These have wireless Wi-Fi and bluetooh technology, gyroscope, compass, speakers, etc.

What makes it so appealing is its appetizing size and thickness so fine, but there is much more wonderful in them and is that you can add an extensive variety of gadgets;ie applications where many times already incorporated a few with the iPad and the others you can download from the internet easily and quickly. These applications can be games, books, shopping, free messaging, almost everything you can think of can be achieved through an iPad.

In short, an iPad is the best substitute for a computer but portable, lightweight and more accessible.

This is a product of the company Apple touch screen that has neither mouse nor keyboard but, you can add it through a base that is connected to part. Since these devices have internet connection, they can be used for services that exist in the network, it is considered as a computer because it is an electronic machine that processes and receives data as it is, it has integrated circuits such as memories, microprocessor , port entry, and performs very diverse tasks as well.

Its software has App Store, this allows us to download many applications of both the iPad and the iPhone. A custom browser called Safari with support for HTML 5. I tunes Store to buy music, videos, or view content. Compared to third-party tablet devices, iPad does not have a memory slot for the expansion of the same with micro SD cards, it only has the memory that it brings by manufactures without possibility of being extended.iPad repair

The rapid expansion that the iPad had all over planet earth was so great that it has forced several manufacturers to adapt to this new device. The first company in adaptarser undoubtedly achieved a great positive impact thanks to its new use of multimedia format that allow the interaction of people. The iPad is a very important piece within the technology due also to its easy way to use even for the most inexperienced people in this.

This is largely due to its touch screen that allows us to navigate easily with our fingers in a very practical way, this is a multifunctional device that can be used to perform varieties of tasks, not only can we surf the internet with an iPad, but we can also make wonderful pictures and videos, listen to music, read books, make video calls with friends or family from anywhere in the world, watch movies and much, much more.

Since coming to market the iPad has caused a great revolution in the world thanks to a variety of functions and wonderful tasks, without realizing the iPad has been responsible for transforming our ways of learning and teaching, thanks to its interactive books and its advanced creative tools, thousands of applications and variety of content open up immense possibilities of learning within a device that everyone is happy to use.

There are a lot of teachers and students who love the iPad because endless opportunities for practical and personalized learning experiences. Through this has been possible to reach more students thanks to the number of applications and books directed to any level or subject. This device gives us the ability to create our own interactive materials with an added application called iBooks, most teachers are using the iPad and an extensive range of iTunes content to transform and encourage learning within their classrooms.

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How to Repair full Screen of apple iPhone 7

An accident may be happens quickly and your  iPhone 7  recently did the expense? No problem because  UAE Technician is there to accompany you when changing iPhone screen 7! Whether it’s to solve a display or touch problem or for a screen that does not turn on while the iPhone is awake, then you only have one solution: repair your iPhone yourself and less expenses!

Our experts have prepared an  illustrated and commented repair guide to explain how to replace your iPhone 7 screen in minutes and at minimal expense through detailed steps. We share all our know how to repair your iphone screen.

Symptoms of Screen: If any direct physical damage happen with your iPhone then following symptoms will be happen.

Broken screen

  1. Striped screen
  2. Display issue
  3. Touch problem
  4. Black screen
  5. Dead pixels

Important tips before starting to repair your iPhone Screen

That’s it, the big day has arrived! Are you going to start repairing your broken device? After finding the spare part you need on our online shop UAE Technician, to remedy this breakdown, we also offer detailed guides to make the handling with ease. Before starting the repair, here are some tips that can be valuable to you to carry out your operation.

First of all, do not forget to completely switch off and unplug your device!

Step One – Workspace

The worktop is the paramount element when repairing. Make sure to have a stable table, large enough and if possible cover it with a tablecloth or protective support so as not to damage it. This makes it easier to spot screws and other components without slipping into the slot of a wooden table!

You must then prepare the workstation, ie clean the table on which the dismantling will take place, prepare the tools and necessary equipment in a corner.

You can also bring with it a deoxidizing cloth and bomb that can be a plus if you need to clean certain parts (screen, connector, etc.) to eliminate fingerprints, residues, dust or other .

Small additional tips : Our technicians suggest you use our anti-static wristband or touch a metal piece (such as a faucet for example!) In order to discharge you from static electricity and avoid damaging the components of your motherboard. apparatus.

Step Two – Cleanliness is very much necessary

Remember to wash your hands to avoid leaving fingerprints or other residue on the part to be changed, especially if it is a screen. Also Wash your hands also after dismantling to remove any traces of the products used (glue, stickers, deoxidizer, etc.).

Step Three – UAE Technician is like your friend

For a simple and quick disassembly, place a screen (computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.) in front of you with the page of the guide in question. Preferably, place the screen so that both hands are free when handling. Place the cursor in step one, so you can start the repair in good conditions for better results.

Small extra Technique: Think of removing the automatic watch from your tablet or Smartphone so you do not have to re-light the screen of your device every two minutes to display the guide.

Contact to UAE Technician Service Centre Dubai for iPhone or iMac Repair

Consider reassembling your failed device and for this, a good organization is necessary, because a screw is quickly lost and you mix the brushes, finally the screws, will seriously complicate the task. To avoid this kind of incident, you can for example use an iScrews redesigning the shape of an iPhone with the positioning of the screws. If not available, you can take a sheet by drawing the disassembled parts and numbering the screws for a perfect organization!

Now you are ready to repair your device. It’s your turn. In case if you are not able to fix the issue then feel free to contact us 0557503724 our mac repair team will provide you full assistance to resolved your concern. Anyone also contact to us for laptop data recovery.




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