Month: December 2017

How to manually update the firmware Garmin Fenix 5 X

Sometimes, especially for new models of watches, I do not want to wait for the release of the official release of the new firmware. Especially if you know that the new firmware has already fixed problems that do not give you peace of mind in your watch.

What to do in this case?

Let’s try to update the firmware on your own and put the latest Beta version of the software.

And what is a Beta version?

In a nutshell – this is not the final version, but almost ready software that is not yet released to the market, but offers users to try corrections or changes before the official release.

This term is used by software developers. A detailed description can be found in Wikipedia .

First of all, I draw your attention that the installation of fresh firmware on a clock is an operation that you are doing at your own risk!

If you doubt and are not familiar with the technical features of the clock and work with the PC-better wait for a stable and official firmware version and update the clock automatically through the Garmin Express program installed on your PC .

And the manufacturer himself says: “Although this software is reliable, it has not yet been released for the production and should be used at your own risk.”

I translate: “Although this software is considered reliable, it is not yet released for production and it is possible to use it at your own risk.”


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