How to Repair full Screen of apple iPhone 7

An accident may be happens quickly and your  iPhone 7  recently did the expense? No problem because  UAE Technician is there to accompany you when changing iPhone screen 7! Whether it’s to solve a display or touch problem or for a screen that does not turn on while the iPhone is awake, then you only have one solution: repair your iPhone yourself and less expenses!

Our experts have prepared an  illustrated and commented repair guide to explain how to replace your iPhone 7 screen in minutes and at minimal expense through detailed steps. We share all our know how to repair your iphone screen.

Symptoms of Screen: If any direct physical damage happen with your iPhone then following symptoms will be happen.

Broken screen

  1. Striped screen
  2. Display issue
  3. Touch problem
  4. Black screen
  5. Dead pixels

Important tips before starting to repair your iPhone Screen

That’s it, the big day has arrived! Are you going to start repairing your broken device? After finding the spare part you need on our online shop UAE Technician, to remedy this breakdown, we also offer detailed guides to make the handling with ease. Before starting the repair, here are some tips that can be valuable to you to carry out your operation.

First of all, do not forget to completely switch off and unplug your device!

Step One – Workspace

The worktop is the paramount element when repairing. Make sure to have a stable table, large enough and if possible cover it with a tablecloth or protective support so as not to damage it. This makes it easier to spot screws and other components without slipping into the slot of a wooden table!

You must then prepare the workstation, ie clean the table on which the dismantling will take place, prepare the tools and necessary equipment in a corner.

You can also bring with it a deoxidizing cloth and bomb that can be a plus if you need to clean certain parts (screen, connector, etc.) to eliminate fingerprints, residues, dust or other .

Small additional tips : Our technicians suggest you use our anti-static wristband or touch a metal piece (such as a faucet for example!) In order to discharge you from static electricity and avoid damaging the components of your motherboard. apparatus.

Step Two – Cleanliness is very much necessary

Remember to wash your hands to avoid leaving fingerprints or other residue on the part to be changed, especially if it is a screen. Also Wash your hands also after dismantling to remove any traces of the products used (glue, stickers, deoxidizer, etc.).

Step Three – UAE Technician is like your friend

For a simple and quick disassembly, place a screen (computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.) in front of you with the page of the guide in question. Preferably, place the screen so that both hands are free when handling. Place the cursor in step one, so you can start the repair in good conditions for better results.

Small extra Technique: Think of removing the automatic watch from your tablet or Smartphone so you do not have to re-light the screen of your device every two minutes to display the guide.

Contact to UAE Technician Service Centre Dubai for iPhone or iMac Repair

Consider reassembling your failed device and for this, a good organization is necessary, because a screw is quickly lost and you mix the brushes, finally the screws, will seriously complicate the task. To avoid this kind of incident, you can for example use an iScrews redesigning the shape of an iPhone with the positioning of the screws. If not available, you can take a sheet by drawing the disassembled parts and numbering the screws for a perfect organization!

Now you are ready to repair your device. It’s your turn. In case if you are not able to fix the issue then feel free to contact us 0557503724 our mac repair team will provide you full assistance to resolved your concern. Anyone also contact to us for laptop data recovery.




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