UAE Technician Laptop screen replacement and repair Services in Dubai

Laptop screen replacementJust call us at 0557503724 Laptop screen replacement and repair Services in Dubai

When a laptop falls to the ground or suffers an accident and when you open it you realize that the screen has been broken, it is not very pleasant, especially if it is yours. The notebook screens are hardware parts very delicate that break easily. Accidents happen fortunately, you have found us and we will help you recover the operation of your laptop as quickly as possible, at a lower cost than what it would cost if you take it to the manufacturer. Call us 0557503724 and we will replace the split screen, damaged, broken or with lack of brightness in a fast and economic way. If you need to repair the laptop screen, UAE Technician laptop screen replacement and repair service is available in Dubai, UAE

How to know if the problem is on the screen or in the inverter?

Laptop screen replacementThe repair cost is quite different if the laptop screen is broken or if you just have to change the inverter. An easy test to see if the problem is the inverter, is to look at the screen to the light, usually the screen looks a little, as if the screen had no light, but you can really appreciate image on the screen. If so, subject resolved, you just have to change the inverter to solve the fault.

Otherwise, if the screen does not see anything, does not turn on, has vertical stripes (red, green or blue), is broken, has spilled or has spots or even some pixels fail, the problem is the screen.

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And we inform you about our computer service

The procedure to know what makes and model of screen uses our laptop, is dismantling the LCD of our equipment.

– How to disassemble the screen of your laptop? Call us at 0557503724 disassemble the screen of your laptop.

– How to locate the brand and the model? Contact us locate the manufacturer and model of LCD screen.

We pick up the laptop with the defective or defective screen in your home / office without cost of travel and we will return it once the repair of the laptop screen is done.

  • We repair all kinds of problems with laptop screens
  • Split or perforated screen
  • Liquid spill from the laptop screen
  • Spot or streaks on the screen (red, blue, etc.)
  • Screen with lack of brightness
  • Feedback problem
  • Problems with the inverter board
  • Lines on the screen, vertical stripes
  • Screens whitish or reddish
  • Screen completely black
  • Covers or screen protectors

We fix all kinds of problems regarding laptop screens and we guarantee it, 3 months in labor and the guarantee that the manufacturer of the screen estimates for the screen to be repaired.

Laptop screen replacement and repair for all brands of the market in Dubai.

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