Virus and Malware Removal Service by UAE Technician

The possibility that a site made with a cms be hacked increases considerably when you do not periodically update or update the various plugins installed. Graphic themes can also have BUGs that once discovered they make a site vulnerable.

We can help you in removing malware and repairing it for quick times and returning your website to work as before

We solve: Let’s resume your site’s control, put it safely, and eliminate malicious content by restoring your content.

We monitor: We monitor the website, check the logs, and close the road to brute force attacks.

We migrate: If we migrate to a new server, with backup and logging services, we remove Google, Yahoo and Bing malware alerts to be re-indexed.


  1. Malware removal and repair: Written, hacked with a malware or virus? Removal of malware and repair for fast times to make your website go back to work as before.

It is critical to act quickly to prevent further damage.

  1. Do not lose money and visibility: Since the site is infected you will start losing visitors and whether it is a commercial business as well as money and credibility. Search engine placement will be losing position, google can identify a compromised site.
  2. A detailed report: We completely remove malicious code and malicious files left by hackers, reset your website, and send you a detailed report so you know how to prevent other intrusions.

We are ready to meet your demands

We evaluate, together with the customer, all the details to provide a complete and uncompromising tool. We study the graphics and we propose solutions to engage the public of the Web. So feel free to contact us for any kind of virus removal services in Dubai at very reasonable price.


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